Wonder Woman.

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Womanhood isn’t about bleeding and breast feeding,

But about the shared thought of caring and caring those in need.

Womanhood isn’t about the elegance of that 6 yards drape,

But about the ability to embrace oneself, irrespective of their shape.

Womanhood is not all those pep talks of grace,

But about the raising of fellow women, by offering that space.

Womanhood isn’t about being within the society imposed limits,

But about doing of gut things and breaking the delimits.

Hey ladies! Don’t keep searching for ways to become a Wonder Woman,

For being a woman, is a wonder by itself!

On this beautiful day of International Women’s Day, let’s take an oath to raise women power and celebrate womanhood everyday! :’)

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Not all that you do is meant to add glory,

Some might necessarily be an allegory,

To head you towards your dory,

That has always been your understory!

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Espérance Vs. Equivocacy.

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“But why are the dots meant to be connected backwards, while espérance is all about future? Ain’t this kinda unfair?”, asked the little heart to life.

“Hey, you beauty! How well do you think you could live, if you’re given an itinerary about the rise and rotten, fortune and fatals, birth and death?”, asked life.

“Ahh! I wouldn’t have lived even a day. But just survived with fear!”, told the girl, as she espoused the beauty of espérance and equivocacy.

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My dear Valentino!

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So, a big shout out to all the millennials who passed through one more Valentine’s Day as a self-valentine!

Yes. Why call single, when self-valentine and all looks like a cool dude version to express?

Guys! To all those serious rantings that I’ve been hearing since today morning!

1. What plans for the day?

2. How’ve you come to work today?

3. What? But why ain’t you in a relationship yet?

4. Have you chosen to become a nun for life?

5. Are you, all done with life?

6. Come on! You gotta take the initiative. Why aren’t you?

7. Haven’t you met the one yet? But how’s that even possible?

The questions are endless, I’m telling you! Anyway, whether or not those question pollsters get to read this post, I owe the responsibility of giving some serious feedback.

No drama and no resentment. To celebrate Valentine’s Day isn’t a bad thing, like really! If you’re 20 and if you’ve found your significant other, nothing like it. The world is definitely happy for you! ❤️

But it isn’t something strange if you’ve not. You’re just headed towards a different direction. That doesn’t mean you haven’t met the one, or you’re going to be in the forever alone club, forever! And even if you choose to be so, it’s your life, after all! You are in no way obligated to answer people. Cheer up, my dear friend!

We all meet amazing souls on a daily basis. People. Each one, eccentric in their own ways! Some teach us life lessons to take away, some leave us with memories chiseled in chests, while some make us understand another dimension of ourselves!

It’s not all the best ones have to be your Valentine! Or it’s not like if you don’t have one Valentine, you haven’t met the best yet! It’s a day for the love. Love of all kinds, pure and impregnable. Love is in the air, is for kids. Love is in you. You’re an embodiment of love. We receive love in untold ways, but we restrict to give it back only to the one, on one single day? Demeaning is the word.

Grow up! Give back love to your family, to your bunch of beautiful friends, without whom your life wouldn’t be as brilliant as it is today, to the man who smiled at you randomly on the road, to that little kid that responds with a cute chuckle in the bus, to that stranger who thanked you for the direction.

To a heart that knows the art of giving back love, happiness is all it is assured of!

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With intentions pure and actions sacred,

Doesn’t matter what you do,

As long as the purpose is for the good.

Good for the purpose you do, good for the being that you’re, and good for the cosmos that created you.

This is the best advice that I could personally learn from the Lord of Destruction, Shiva.

He destroys, not just the evil, but anything that hinders the equipoise of the Universe, only for the good of his children!

To the Lordship who owns the pathway of stillness to spirituality, and who can conquer the chaos to pour in calmness, all I could ever ask for, is a heartsease!

First step February!

Heylo Peeps!

Hope you guys are living your lovely lives, in the most loveliest way ever, especially during this love month! So yes. To all the valentine ballyhoos out there. Right next to you, beside you, and all around you!

I’m here, to remind you all, not about your relationship status, not about the Rose day, and the other tomfoolery stuff, at least according to me!

It’s rather to nudge you about the most important aspect of our daily happiness and survival. And that’s definitely about love! But not the dramatic romance. It’s about you. It’s about your living on this planet. It’s about your space in this beautiful world. It’s about something that only you could give to yourself. It’s about self-love.

Take care of yourself first, because darling, you matter. Love yourself first, because unless you love yourself and know yourself fully, it’s impossible to fill in the imperfections of another soul. Be satisfied in your own skin and spread that fin a lil further, and a lot farther. Believe in yourself and get positively affirmed, like that’s your everyday errand. Trust the process and go with the flow. Be at ease with yourself. You’re doing well and you’ll go places.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Treat yourself with good food and things that are good for you. Wake up, kid! Pat your back, say you’re going great and I love you, looking at the mirror everyday!

Gift yourself with something that you’ve wanted for a long time now. Be it a gummy bear or a Tesla! Doesn’t matter. Happiness is too large to fit into just one thing.

Take it from me, a genuinely happy soul can do all the wonders on earth. To keep yourself happy is the first step to take, to make this world a better place. So love yourself and take that first step.

And yes, I’ve taken my first step, by gifting my happy self, with a book that I was hankering to get! Kudos to me! 🤩🤘🏻

Happy first step February, folks! ❤️🦋💃🏻