A letter.

To this perennial support system of mine,

Thank you for coming into my life. It’s hard to imagine a life without your presence in it. A fourteen year and a forever to go ain’t a small task in this fast changing world. ❀️

I’m glad that our bond has withstood the time since the text message era to this modern era of tagging and trolling.

Be it the small fights, filling of those forward templates, late night strolls on the streets of evergreen Mambalam, daily pathways to school, some days as trio and some days as duo (if you know what I mean), local train journeys, bus journeys on New Year’s Eve, and so on and so forth. I don’t know if I actually have such deep memories with any other person in my life till date.

What’s so special about school friends? What’s so special about this bondage? What’s that thread that keeps us connected through all odds? Three words. It requires just three words for me to answer ’em all. A mutual connection. Yes. We didn’t make it, it just happened. Because it was meant to happen. It’s a God willing thing.

You’ve been my Google map ever since we started navigating the roads of Madras. You’ve been my that face to look upon, when asked to choose for my partner for any of the excursions. You’ve been my best friend-turned-sister-turned-daughter.

When your face was way too familiar when I saw for the first time, little did I know that you’re the Apple to my pie!

Oh yeah! Though elder to me by months, you’ve always been the littlest one by heart and actions! You, little girl!

I just wanted to tell you that, no matter what, we both will be afraid of numbers, we both will be hopping around cities, we both will be making memories, and we we both will be teaching our kids on how to do carbon cycle and math assignments; but maybe with a much bigger family and much bigger places! :’)

Know what? It’s better that you do as I say, because you know, my hard disk? My mobile? My memory? If you’ve been my human diary, I’ve been your human storage! πŸ˜‚

Make a promise. Promise on the Hanuman of Nanganallur. Because he knows us better! πŸ˜‹Don’t ever change. Don’t ever doubt. And don’t over think. Be the same person who gave life to Dumbi. I heart you! Forever! 😘

Thank you for being there, Baby! πŸ’–

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Embrace, to evolve.

Of people, places, and plots! πŸ¦‹

What does it feel like not having to set your alarm for the next day? What does it feel like being happy on a Sunday night? What does it feel like to have all the time for yourself?

Oh yes. It feels nice. It feels splendid. But, not all at once. Life is about the black and white, the fall and rise, the good and bad, and the bitter and sweet.

Leaving a place can give as much as feeling and more than that as when of entering that place. A place is made, not of bricks and mortars, but of people and stories. It gives us a lifetime experience and a journey to take and cherish for the years to come.

Yes. Coming to the backdrop of this post, this is about my second chapter of jobs and joes! A chapter that started on a clueless note, but with a lot of hopes indeed. What I was when I entered this place is totes, totes, different from the person that I’m today. Whatever I’m today, a big, bigger, and biggest part of me owes to this place. For the type of nurturing it had given, for the type of tuning that has happened, and for the class of people it has introduced, all I ever feel is incredibly grateful.

All these days, I thought it was a place of work, a place that I head to everyday, just to get my pay check and meet the bills. But no. It is something beyond that boundary line. It has been a place of abode. It has been a place of ritual. It has become a part of my life, of something that today, or even after thirty years down the line, when I look back, will give me a lot of fondness and happiness, that I’ve survived ’em all, like a Bawse! :’)

When we talk about places, we don’t talk about place alone. But about the people and the plots. What is so special about the people, you ask? I’m honoured to answer that. This bunch of people, whom I wish to call my favourite, whom I would resort to at my low times, are the ones who made sure things are all fine whenever I was a little off track. More than colleagues, they have been the comrades. They have been the warriors I can trust to take along with, to any battlefield.

Okay then. We all love to read and jump into conclusions, right? Lemme not disappoint this vintage. These are some of my top seven picks that I’d personally like to summarise (Not precisely in that order though!).

1. Each moment is a blessing in disguise.

Were you never sad or have you never had Monday blues, you ask me? Oh well. The answer would be “HELL NO!”. Each and every Monday has seen the cry baby in me, wanting to get sick with the most ever randomly possible reason! But that doesn’t count. Know why? It’s those moments of reassurance, of perseverance, of believing in myself, that has made me write this gratuitous post today.

2. Solutions are all around you! You go, girl! Go for it! Now.

Yes. It is that each and every problem on earth comes attached with a solution. You don’t have to find it per se. Just look beyond the realm of reality. Don’t get confined within the problem, rather conquer it. Conquer it through your passion and espouse it with compassion. During times of bitter, be a believer of blessings. At times of sweet, be a happiness powerhouse.

3. Good things come with time.

The older it is, the better it is. This doesn’t go for wine alone, but for signs too. Signs of uneasiness, discomfort, and coming out of your comfort zone. To combat the inner pain, to work with your apprehensions, and to deal with your prejudice, is more of a run-of-the-mill situation. But the speciality lies in the essence of it to understand that there are things out of your control and which doesn’t require your time, energy or focus. Once this is done, the next step would be the acceptance. To accept things as they come and to believe in the better.

4. Be a glow-getter!

What does it take to be a glow-getter? Is this the only place to do it? Nay. It’s about your mind. It all starts from there. No matter where, no matter what, no matter why, if you put your heart and soul into something, be 273637253819% sure that the universe will give it to you. But while you constantly work towards it, also make it a point to spread that vibe a little wide, only to create a path. A path to hope.

5. Choose gratitude. Always.

Even now, I don’t know what I’d be doing if not for the stint’s learnings in me. It has beaten up the best in me, only to make me wiser. At the respective points in time, all I would have felt is saturated regret, and now, it is all sumptuous gratitude. Yes. Life is in the dots that (you) connect.

6. Unlearn and unfold.

Learn to unlearn the things you cannot deal with anymore. But also, unfold to take up new beginnings and go past the horizon. Know your worth and know to walk away with a smile when things fall apart. When you’re made to wait, you’re growing. Growing to be the person you’re mean to be. Growth is painful, but there’s no diamond without dirt.

7. All love, no hate.

Love your life, love where it has got you today, because it’s the destined place you gotta be. Love your people, love them with all your heart, since they connect and keep you in pace on the linear equation of time. With love, all you can achieve is happiness, and all else shall disintegrate.

Every milestone of our lives has only one primal objective. To make us a better person inside out. To understand this, takes maturity and to realise this, takes acceptance. Accept things as they come your way and never try to amend the original form. Hustle the hindrances, create opportunities outta the obstacles, and embrace the equilibrium of life. For, to embrace is to evolve.

My happy bunch! :’) ❀️

The question.

The same day is different for each of us. The dimensions and the details, everything. It all depends on what each one of us is going through.

Nevertheless, a day can be good, bad, worse, and great. Situations make a man, it is told, but how you take the situations make a man, I tell you.

Things not going your way? Try your best and never lose hopes. Because you know, survival is confirmed by paper-thin lines on ECG, and so does a single thread of hope. It decides what you’re up to. It defines who you’re. Disappointed with someone? Call them, drop them a text, tell them somehow, what’s your view and let them know what’s exactly running through your mind. Because you know, people are no mind readers. But how we wish that was true? Feeling guilty? Missing someone? Tell them. Tell them you’re missing them, apologise with all your heart, if you want to do so.

There’s no hard and fast rule to life. If at all there’s any, it’s HAPPINESS. Your happiness. Life is short to have any regrets or hold any grudges. Happiness does have a secret key, called the low-key! It’s doesn’t demand luxury, but lucidity. It’s not in the brands, but in your ability to branch off!

Whether you settle or fight is not the question. But it’s about solitude and solidarity with yourself. So, let us all take an oath to go to bed everyday with the happiness of keeping ourselves happy.

Because, happiness begins with thee.

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Sunflower to her wallflower!

When she was all appalling,

She met this soul, which appeared to be the ever most appealing,

At the life’s most bizarre frame,

Nevertheless, it only made her days a better ball game!

If there’s any chance to thank time,

It shall definitely be for this mistime.

We shall never know which juncture of life shall give us the best of souls,

So be sure not to judge any moment by its mere hole,

Cos that might not be its sole role!

Every wallflower has its own sunflower,

Just that it’s up to you to realise it’s power! πŸ’– 🌻

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A vow.

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Though all my posts are incised with an inexplicable inclination, this is something sternly singular.

A post to my rock. To my pillar. To the one who is a living paradigm to the phrase “fragile, yet the fire”. To the nonpareil in my life. Period.

To the sacrifices you make,

And you see it like a happiness cake.

A heart can be made of gold,

But yours is made of our world.

I don’t know which is harder,

To be selfless and put our happiness first,

Or to be earnest even during the worsts.

When you say, “I see myself when I see you!”, You don’t know that makes my day. My year. And my life. To be like you or to even be the closest of whoever you are is my primal happiness.

You’ve never taught us not to get angry, but have been an animate proof of that. You’re the succulent, yet the spine of our lives.

“Amma, I don’t know how much pain you underwent for bringing us alive to this world. I don’t know how much sacrifices you made to bring us to this level. I don’t know if we ever deserve such a stellar in our lives.

But all I can vow you is that we’ll never make you feel even the littlest of the pain hereafter in your life and we’ll always strive to give you happiness that’s somewhere measurable to the happiness that you experienced when we came from you.” ❀️

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