Out and over.

Hi folks,

So it’s been a month since I’m on my Instagram detox now. A detox that was demanding, considering the time and amount of me that the app was consuming. Yes, I love the app. I love the space that it offers to let ourselves be. I love the kinda happy vibes it spreads. I love it with all my heart. And that’s the primary reason I wanted to be without it for sometime.

The first three days in was a real struggle. It had me going on to the same location of the application, and I ended up opening some random app and that’s when I realised that I don’t have the app anymore in my mobile. Persistence, you know.

So, lemme give a quick little shots of what has happened in this detox, and lemme try to break that stigma that’s all around.

  1. No. I haven’t started a startup and I haven’t gone behind my passion and all that drama
  2. No. I haven’t become better at managing my mental health
  3. No. I don’t find any vibe difference.
  4. No. I haven’t become 1.5x more productive
  5. No. My sleep cycle hasn’t changed a bit

Then for what joy, is it? Yes, I get you. Hang on!

This, time away from Instagram made me introspect certain underrated things like the contentment from doing something that you thought you cannot. It’s all in your mind. You can be with or without something and someone, if that’s what you want.

You are not in need of any kinda validation. You might have a great day, you might have a good hair day, you might feel the weather is pretty favourable today, you might be feeling cute in that selfie or in that newly bought stilettos, and you don’t need to broadcast them.

You might get homesick and be brooding over the memories from the past. But you don’t have to post a throwback, and just relax by rewinding those good old days. Or you know what? You can even ring in their number, just in case if you’ve forgotten. πŸ™‚

You see something beautiful, you don’t need to capture it through your phone. Rather, take your time to enjoy the moment by just being in it. Yes. My camera roll feels much lighter this month and I’m not joking. Though in a way it feels sad for not recording that one day, that one outfit, that one lunch, and the list is endless.

You can genuinely feel happy for somebody and not tag them in a story. You can accept compliments with grace and not convey the gratitude through a post. You can send gifts with all good heart and not repost your mention. Life is still beautiful. Because, you’re. :’)

So yes, it’s okay to unwind and untangle yourself from time to time. The Universe always gets you what you need. And you get what you seek for.

Also, don’t forget to get that diary still with the smell of fresh papers. Hey, you can still write with your favourite pen. You still have got that thing.

Cheers, you all! ❀️

Happy resumption to me! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

All things happy!


It’s Epiphany today and,

We gotta celebrate the Manifestation,

Said the continent that she lives in.

It’s Ekadasi today and,

We gotta celebrate Moksha,

Yelled the sub-continent that she hailed from.

It’s Elay Keechan today and erryday,

Exclaimed her heart that knows all things is nothing but Music.

Happy Epiphany,

Happy Vaikunta Ekadasi,

And happiest birthday, AR Rahman!

A letter to self. :)

Dear Self,

You are feeling old. You just hit that quarter life crisis. But hang on! You’ve a lot more amazing years ahead of you. You’ve a whole new life and the surprises it has to offer you. If 20 somethings were as beautiful as a sonnet, the remaining of this and the rest of this is going to be nothing short of a symphony.

From a typical school kid whose life was surrounded by the streets in and around the school and home, to someone whose home has extended to 6000 miles away, this decade has indeed been a one of big leap of faith.

There were people you believed would do anything for you, and you were disappointed. There were days when you thought everything shall happen as per your plans, and you were dejected. There were nights that you’ve wept until your pillows got wet, and woke up like nothing ever happened.

Pain and pressure have always been a part and parcel of your life. But it was just a little drop in the larger ocean of the beautiful family you’ve got, and super amazing friends that you can call yours.

You were once on the top of the cloud nine, and you’ve been on the ground bottom hitting hard. This decade has got you in all it’s time. It has put you in the spotlight and it has turned off even the dimmest of the lights in your vicinity.

But what mattered most was the magic that you were. The magic that you are. This fifteen YO you is reminding the present twenty-five YO you that you’re made of lightning. You’ve got this. You can do this.

I wish you a Happy New Year. I wish you years and decades and millenniums of happiness and strength. Stay grateful, because gratitude is the greatest magic of all.

Darling, I love you. I’m proud of you. I know you have got this. ❀️

Yours truly.


Some night, in the middle of the sleep,

When all you ever have is a heart to keep,

And gratitude in heap,

Happiness, all deep,

Only happy tears to weep,

You know that there’s someone to call before taking a huge leap,

Have them, not as close as skin-deep,

But with the love that makes all else a clean-weep. ❀️

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In life, we rarely recognise slow growth. And we barely accept deep dormancy. But it’s because of those that we realise the bitter truth of absence and affection.

Some people and some memories grow within you so subtly, that they almost become a part of you. They give us bigger and better pieces of theirs, and we compare it to the close-fisted hands of others. Close-fisted, in their actions and minds. We receive the love and we almost fail to acknowledge it as the bare minimum price. Reciprocation is secondary.

What is the greatest pain, you ask? Unlike every other topic, this ain’t a two-sided coin. The ones in both the ends expect the same thing in return, but of course from different people and at their own levels. So, nothing pines one like something unrequited.

On this day of joy, let’s all practice requital. For the journeys doesn’t matter, the end doesn’t matter, the stories doesn’t matter, all that matters is the law of requital. The law that binds the universe. The law that is capable of making even the parallel lines meet. The law of intersection.

Appreciate the efforts. Acknowledge the exertion. Activate the energy. Because, pass-overs are the ultimate prejudice.

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Reminder: Sssh, it’s almost 2020.

As we approach the fag end of this decade, which I still cannot believe, I would like to leave my fellow readers and bloggers with a reminder.

There’s just less than a month left in this decade.


Tell that darn person that you like them. Tell that NO to the party that you’re not interested in. Tell that you would like to have a coffee with that handsome man, just because. Tell that six YO self that she has come this far, not just to come this far.

Take that all it takes. And reap that all it gives. Your life. πŸ™‚

What I learnt – Day 14

Day 14 – It’s within our budget.

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Being good is overrated is something I’m hearing too often in the recent times. But lemme tell you, being good is always underrated.

Know why? It brings in light in a world where there’s more than enough darkness to handle. It spreads smile in the lives of people who’ve only given or been given a vile.

Be good, be sure you’re yourself, despite the inconvenience people or the positions throw at you. Do not let the negativity alter your perception of the world.

No matter however small your contribution to positivity is, do it. Because bit by bit, drop by drop, a lil good can spread in to something beautiful!

I’ve seen no man fall because of being good, being kind, being soft,

But I indeed know all it takes to be all of ’em is low-cost!

And yes, it’s well within our budgets! ✨